Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions


  1. These terms (Terms) set out the basis of your Membership and how you may use The Assembly Hall Co-Working Space premises (the Premises).
  2. These Terms apply to members and guests of members who use the private rooms available at the Premises.
  3. We may vary these Terms from time to time. We will let you know if we do.
  1. Your membership allows you to use the Premises and associated facilities under these Terms and the specific restrictions within your membership type.
  2. Please contact the Admin Office if you want to upgrade your membership at any time.
  3. If your membership expires is suspended or terminated in accordance with these Terms, you cannot use the Premises.
  4. Day and Hot Desk Memberships cannot be shared or transferred to another party; employees of companies with Dedicated Desk Membership are allowed to use these facilities subject to prior notification to the Admin Team and the provision of suitable ID.
  1. Day and Hot Desk Members do not have dedicated desks, however, on the rare occasions when we may not have desks available in the Assembly Hall; we will always endeavour to accommodate members elsewhere in the Victoria Building.
  2. Access to the Premises is 24 hours a day, with the exception of Day Members and some Public Holidays; however, Teesside University retains the right to close the Premises at any time. The Assembly Hall Team’s office hours of work are Monday – Friday 0830 – 1630.
  3. We ask that members do not bring children onto the Premises. Should this be necessary in extenuating circumstances, please ensure you inform the Admin Team in advance.
  4. It is the responsibility of the member to personally meet and greet their visitors as the Premises does not have a manned Reception nor are there any reception services.
  5. You must have your membership card or other proof of your membership with you if you want to use the Premises. If you lose your membership card, we will charge you for a replacement.
  6. We recommend you sign up to the University’s Safezone App, which is free to use and provides emergency assistance on Campus. Members are requested to ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ via the App when working out of normal hours.
  7. Car parking can be arranged on the University Campus (fees apply) dependent upon your level of membership. Please note that parking is offered to everyone on a ‘first come first served basis,’ you are not guaranteed a space.
  8. Whilst you are in the Premises, please do not:-
    1. reserve tables and chairs (e.g. by leaving papers, coats bags etc. on them);
    2. leave tables and chairs (and any items on the tables and chairs) unattended for more than 30 minutes; or
    3. leave your items in places that might be inconvenient for others (Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk Members should use the lockable storage provided)
    4. arrange any bulk mail or parcel deliveries.
  9. Unless your membership allows it, you must not:
    1. use the Premises as your business address or registered office;
    2. direct mail to the Premises; or
    3. use our staff to collect your mail, messages or take your calls.
  10. You must not (without our permission), use a private meeting room in the Premises
  11. You must not carry out any betting, gaming or auction sale, or do anything illegal or offensive in the Premises.
  12. Pets are not allowed in the Premises (with the exception of assistance animals)
  13. You must clear your desk when you have finished working, your belongings and those of your visitors are your responsibility and Teesside University will not accept any liability for damaged, lost or stolen items.
  14. Any electrical item belonging to you must be PAT tested prior to use in the Premises
  15. We may require you to relocate to another area of the Premises if we need the space you are using.
  16. Please be considerate of those around you when making phone calls in the Premises.
  17. The University operates a No Smoking Policy across Campus.
  18. Campus Security may remove you from the Premises if (in our opinion) you are disrupting, offending or endangering other people.


  1. We may terminate or suspend your membership if:
    1. you are in breach of these Terms;
    2. you are removed from the Premises for the reasons set out in 25 of these Terms; or
    3. you are late in paying your membership fees.
    4. you provide us with details you know to be false when applying for membership


  1. Membership fees are payable in advance via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account set up for payments via this method.
  2. You are personally responsible for any fees that you owe us.
  3. Membership fees are non-refundable.
  4. Dependent upon your type of membership, you will be required to pay a damage deposit. We will hold this amount on your account to cover any fees you may owe us, or to cover any other costs such as for damage, and will repay any prepayment that remains upon termination of your membership.


  1. We have a limited capacity for guests so please tell us in advance if you plan on bringing any guests to the Premises
  2. You may bring guests onto the Premises for a limited time and only on an occasional basis. You must escort your Guests at all times, you must tell us when they arrive and your guests must leave the Premises when you do.
  3. You are personally responsible for your guests, including any charges your guests incur while at the Premises. All guests must comply with these Terms and any specific terms of your membership.


  1. Subject to your Membership terms and availability, you may book the private meeting rooms at the Premises.
  2. Room hire fees, if applicable, cover the period of initial hire only. If you want to extend your period of hire, you may do so with our permission and subject to payment of an extra fee.
  3. You must not exceed the capacity limit for each private room.


  1. The Assembly Hall, being part of the University, adheres to University Policy and Procedures with regard to data protection. Details of how the University will process your personal can be found in our Assembly Rooms Privacy Notice.
  2. You must not use our services to collect any information of our other members or use our services to send any spam mail.


  1. You are responsible for any damage caused by you or any of your guests to anything inside the Premises or to the Premises themselves.
  2. Your membership does not create a business tenancy between you and us for the Premises. We may require you to sign a declaration that excludes certain aspects of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. If we do this, we will give you a full explanation as to why this is necessary and provide you with full instructions on how to sign the declaration and what this means for you.
  3. Unless caused by our negligence or our breach of our contractual obligations to you, we are not responsible for death or personal injury of members, guests or non-members or for loss of or damage to personal property which occurs in the Premises.
  4. We have no responsibility to you for:
    1. loss of profits;
    2. loss of business;
    3. depletion of goodwill and/or similar losses;
    4. loss of anticipated savings;
    5. loss of contract;
    6. loss of data; or
    7. any special, indirect, consequential or pure economic loss or damage of any kind.
  5. Our total liability to you is limited to the fees you have paid to us in the 12 months before the liability arose.
  6. You are responsible for any loss that we may suffer as a result of, or in connection with, anything you ask us to print.
  7. You shall indemnify the university against all losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs, expenses or any other liability in any way arising from your use of the Premises and from any breach of your undertakings and/or exercise of any of the rights conferred by virtue of these Terms.
  8. All rights in the Teesside University logo are our property; you must not use this without our permission
  9. These Terms are governed by and interpreted under English law.

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